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About Us.

Ayana Jade is a London-based fine jewellery company. Our conflict-free and certified Type A jadeite (fei cui)  jewellery is London-crafted with circular design principles. We specialise in designing and supplying contemporary jadeite jewellery with provenance.


Our stones are handcrafted by expert jadeite artisans and set in sterling silver or gold in the UK. We create elegant, timeless, and meaningful jewellery, utilising offcuts and the full spectrum of jadeite colours rather than the coveted "imperial," reducing waste and efficiently using precious resources. 

We believe that jewellery should be high-quality and durable so that it can be worn daily and passed down as heirlooms. Hence, our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. We strive to create unique pieces that are beautiful and functional to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. 

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