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Discover Pure Jadeite Jewellery
Experience the allure of Ayana's jadeite jewellery collection, where hues of pale greens, deep emeralds, pristine whites and captivating greys merge seamlessly with lustrous deep violet tones.

Each piece is a testament to the timeless beauty of nature's palette, meticulously crafted to complement every individual style with an unmistakable touch of sophistication and refinement.
Our Jewellery
Recycled Gold & Silver
Quality Assured
Certified Conflict-free Grade A Jadeite
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Lasting Legacy
Made To Last Generations
Our Story
Discover Ayana, where each piece tells a story of authenticity and sustainability. Our jewellery showcases certified conflict-free grade A jadeite, 100% natural and free from chemical colouring.

Crafted with care and hallmarked for quality assurance, our pieces are investments in both style and substance. From minimal to statement pieces, our collection offers elegance for every occasion and budget. Made to withstand the test of time.
Ayana Jade | A glimpse of what's to come
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